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Short Term Housing in Denver, CO

Turn-key, fully-furnished rentals starting at $95/day

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Some of our popular Denver rentals:

LakewoodDenver WestStarting at $110
Lone TreeParkwayStarting at $105
Westminster112th AveStarting at $106
Greenwood VillageDTC ParkwayStarting at $90
Cherry CreekSouth HarrisonStarting at $120
LongmontPike RoadStarting at $110
NorthglennDenver NorthStarting at $105
AuroraDenver EastStarting at $85
LoDoArapahoe StStarting at $120
EnglewoodE Dry CreekStarting at $105
ThorntonLafayette StreetStarting at $99
GlendaleSouth HarrisonStarting at $115
Denver Tech CenterDenver SouthStarting at $85
Lone TreeEnglewoodStarting at $100
Highlands RanchCounty Line RoadStarting at $99
DowntownE 19th AveStarting at $106
AuroraN UrsulaStarting at $120
LittletonW Mineral AveStarting at $110
Downtown DenverArapahoeStarting at $115
LittletonDenver SouthStarting at $110
LakewoodDenver West CircleStarting at $95
Cherry CreekGlenarm PlaceStarting at $120
Lone TreePark MeadowsStarting at $105
DowntownWewatta StreetStarting at $125

Denver city overview

Denver, Colorado is the capital city of Colorado. Known as the ‘Mile Hight City’ thanks to an altitude of 5,280 feet, the city is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country. With a population of around 700,000 people, it is the 19th largest city in the country and is growing steadily.

Brief history of Denver

Denver began as a mining town in the edge of South Platte River during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. Settled in 1858 and abandoned in 1859 the original settlement at Auraria shifted to a new location claimed by General William Larimer and called Denver to impress Kansas governor James Denver.

The early town was designed to equip and service frontiersmen, miners and early homesteaders while also attracting immigrants. Early industry was built around livestock, mining and service industries. The arrival of the self-funded Denver Pacific railroad in 1870 secured the future for the burgeoning city.

The young Denver suffered growing pains including corruption, a depression, high crime and poverty but overcame them all. The Carnation Gold Rush in the late 19th century added diversity to the economy until the arrival of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant in the 1950s.

Denver has the dubious honor of being the only city to ever refuse to host the Olympics. It was chosen to host the 1976 Winter Olympics but turned down the offer due to the high costs involved.

Doing business in Denver

Thanks to a very central location, Denver is a transportation and storage hub. With no other major cities within 500 miles, it is essential for the transporting of goods across the country and further afield.

The proximity to the Rocky Mountains has ensured mining and minerals have always played a part in the city’s history. After being originally settled during the gold rush, Denver has remained a big player in mining and extraction and is still home to many mining and energy companies.

Telecommunications and technology also have influence here. The central time zone means Denver has been a logical place to communicate across all time zones of the country. Being one mile above sea level also means satellite communications are faster and more efficient.

Denver city character

Culture has always been an influence in Denver. Some of the earliest settlers of the city built theaters, museums and opera houses. Music and creativity is big here and while it may not have the reputation for creating greats like Los Angeles has, Denver has produced lots of fantastic acts and continues to play host to numerous venues for all of the arts.

The climate has also contributed to the city’s character. A mild climate, lots of sunshine and lots of outdoor space means a lot of life is lived outside. It is a very active city with one of the lowest obesity rates in the United States. The mountains, parks, sports and rivers all combine to keep resident’s active and healthy.

Denver districts

Some of the districts that make up Denver include; Baker, Capitol Hill, Central Business District, Cherry Creek, Cheesman Park, City Park, Congress Park, City Park West, Civic Center, Country Club, Lincoln Park, North Capitol Hill, Speer and Union Station.

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