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Fully Furnished Short-term Housing

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ShortTermHousing.com offers a huge range of fully furnished rentals across the country. Whether you’re relocating, changing duty station or something else, we deliver exceptional quality accommodation at sensible prices.

Our specialist team of rental experts are always on hand to advise and provide the level of service you deserve.

Our team specialize in:

Corporate housing is usually all about location. Downtown or business districts, convenient to your place of work and being close to public transport or highways. There is also a need for flexible lease options, fully inclusive packages, high specification properties and excellent customer service.

Construction Crew Housing
Do you need housing for construction crews and workers? We offer fully furnished economy housing across the United States, a perfect fit for your construction teams. All of our rentals come complete with housewares, furnishings, all utilities turned on(TV, internet, power, etc) Short-leases are available with all of our turn-key rentals, business discounts available. Contact a leasing agent today and start saving money on your housing costs.

Executive Housing
Executive housing is similar to corporate housing in that the properties have to be flexible and in the right part of town. They also have to be of a superior quality and offer the standard of living the average manager or executive is used to. Value-add services, minimum disruption, low administration and full support are just some of the ways we support you.

Housing For Healthcare Employees
Healthcare employee housing is also about location. Proximity to hospitals or medical centers or in relaxed neighborhoods that make it a nice place to recuperate. Multiple occupancy, safety, peace and quiet are all usually primary concerns for healthcare professionals working away from home.

Temporary Relocation Housing
Relocation housing is all about convenience and simplicity. You have enough going on without having to manage utilities, furnishings and all the little details. We take care of all that for you. The properties themselves are usually in accessible areas, close to amenities and within close proximity to places or work and local schools.

Oil and Gas Housing
Oil and gas housing is a specialist area that takes particular knowledge to get right. Oil and gas workers face long days, tough conditions and extremes of heat, cold and weather. You don’t want to have to travel far to get a shower or relax, neither to you want to have to go far to get a meal, a drink or to kick back.

Insurance Housing
Insurance housing needs to deliver flexible terms, quality properties and cost-effectiveness. It helps if the properties are in convenient locations close to places or work, schools and local amenities too. They need to work for both the insurer and policy holder which is a difficult balance to strike.

Government Employee Housing
Government employee housing has extra concerns that are not immediately obvious. Not only do they need to be of a good quality and cost-effective, they also have to be safe, secure and close to transport links or government offices. As a government specialist, we can satisfy all those needs.

For furnished rentals for any reason, contact ShortTermHousing.com today at 877-700-1198.