[2022 Guide] The Best Corporate Housing in Charlotte North Carolina

Top Corporate Housing Providers in Charlotte

Below you will find our list of the top corporate housing providers in the Charlotte area

  • Blu Corporate Housing of Charlotte – Blu is a well-known corporate lodging supplier not only in Charlotte, but across the country.
  • Stays By Walker – SBW is a local provider located in the North Charlotte area. They offer fully furnished housing rentals.
  • PCH Charlotte – PCH is one of the oldest corporate housing companies in the country. They offer short-lease corporate apartments in and around Charlotte.
  • InTownSuites – In Town Suites is another old player in the Charlotte corporate lodging scene. They offer a large variety of furnished rentals in not onlyy Charlotte, but the surrounding suburbs as well.
  • ShortTermHousing.com – Yes! That’s us! We are obviously the best provider on this list, everyone knows it 🙂
  • Craigslist – While Craigslist seems to be on its last leg, losing a lot of market share to places like Facebook Marketplace, it’s still a decent resource for locating corporate apartments.
  • FB Groups – This is the most active group on Facebook in regard to furnished rentals. You can find some great deals on here if you keep your eyes peeled!
  • FB Marketplace – You can find a lot of housing shares and rooms for rent on the Facebook Marketplace. This is a great resource for students, interns, and others seeking low-cost housing options.
  • BeRelaxed – They have properties in many of the top residential buildings of Charlotte. Definitely worth taking a look at these guys.
  • HometoGo – Offering all sorts of housing setups. From traditional apartment rentals to cabins, rooms, and furnished corporate apartments.
  • StayFurnished.com – Offering studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom furnished housing across Charlotte. All housewares and utilities are included.


The Benefits of Corporate Housing Over Hotels

Corporate housing has many advantages over hotel rooms if you’re staying anywhere for a month or more. The main benefits include:

  • Cost
  • Living space
  • Amenities
  • Freedom
  • Security



Traditionally, companies used hotels to accommodate staff when they worked away. For shorter trips, that is still the best option, but for stays of 30 days or more, it’s the most expensive way of doing it.

On average, a corporate housing solution will cost anything up to 50% less than a comparable hotel room.


Living Space

Depending on the size you choose, a furnished apartment will include a living area, kitchen/diner, bedrooms, bathroom and maybe some public areas. All this space not only gives you room to breathe, it can also improve morale and productivity too. When you can get all that for less than a hotel, it’s a no brainer!

A furnished apartment will be larger than a hotel room, have all the benefits of apartment living and offer much more space than a hotel room.



The ability to do your own laundry, cook your own meals, watch cable without being charged extra, use the phone, internet or entertain guests are all par of the course with corporate housing. It really is like a home away from home.

Most of our furnished apartments will have all the comforts of home and will be of a very high standard.



If you’re away from home for weeks at a time, your freedom becomes very important. Whether it’s the small things like being able to eat what and when you want, to the ability to have some peace and quiet away from the world, it’s all possible with corporate housing.

No thin walls, or having to listen to other guests wherever you go with corporate housing. Enjoy the peace, quiet and privacy of your own space.



Most of our corporate rentals are in upscale neighborhoods, in nice buildings, owned by responsible landlords. That provides a higher standard of accommodation than your usual rental. Many buildings will be secure, with secure car parks and there won’t be random guests wandering around at all hours.