City Spotlight – Boston

Boston is a large and historical city, full of culture, monuments, places to eat, drink and be merry. We work hard here and like to kick back after work. Not only is this a city of history, it’s also a city of forward thinkers and of advancement. That makes it a great place to live and work.


The history of Boston goes back to 1630 when British Puritans settled the area to make a new way of life for themselves. They and the Pilgrims were religious people who wanted to create a way of life that matched their ideals. Boston was where the Puritans decided to begin.

Beacon Hill was the first area settled in the city. The location, availability of fresh water, plenty of land and proximity to the sea made for an excellent foundation. The concentration on ethics and education led to our first public school, which was founded in 1635.

The city grew steadily and played a significant role in the trade with England. The port became a primary route for goods from both America and the Caribbean before they crossed the Atlantic to England. This kept a steady supply of wealth and employment in the city, which also bolstered immigration.

The city moved into manufacturing and less into export when the Embargo Act was signed into law in 1807. This forced businesses to look elsewhere for profit and encouraged diversification. Even though trade resumed afterwards, Boston’s economy was widened to encompass many industries.

The War of 1812 saw Boston play a pivotal role in the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Lexington, Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston. Once things had settled down, things returned to normal, with sea trade, manufacturing and commerce taking to the fore once more.


New England has interesting weather patterns making it unpredictable. The summers are warm, sometimes humid and the winters are cold. Spring is warm and wet and fall can be dry and cool. Summer is definitely the best time to come as the days are long, we enjoy 65% sunshine and the temperatures are comfortable.


Chances are that you will fly into Boston Logan International Airport. It is our main airport and the one that serves the most carriers. It is a few miles outside of the city, but connected by the MBTA to South Station.

Trains are plentiful, Amtrak runs a few services to South Station, Back Bay and North Station. The MBTA runs commuter rail services around the city, making it a viable way to get around while you’re here. It’s known locally as the “T.”

Buses too are plentiful with Greyhound, Boston Deluxe, LimoLiner, Lucky Star, Peter Pan, BoltBus and World Wide Bus all having a presence here. The MBTA also runs bus routes around the city.

It isn’t advisable to drive in Boston as it doesn’t use the grid system of other cities. Boston evolved from a 17th century town, so there is no planning, just a gradual evolution. If you have driven in Europe, you may be okay, if you haven’t stick to public transport.