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Executive Housing For Business Travel

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Executives that travel for work can be a discerning bunch. They will know what’s good and what’s not. They will be able to tell cheap accommodation from quality accommodation and they will typically have high expectations. While hotels can deliver all those things, they don’t offer the space, amenities or flexibility of executive housing. They […]

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City Spotlight – San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio is a place where all five senses get the pleasure of indulging in the experience of Native America, Old Mexico, and the Wild West as they all blend together effortlessly to create this brilliant city. Every year more then eight million people come to visit the shining star of Texas, and it is […]

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How does per diem and stipend housing work?

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Per diem and stipend housing is used by government employees, the military and some medical personnel to help pay for accommodation when working away. But what exactly is per diem and stipend housing? How does it work? What’s the difference between per diem and a stipend? As we tackle these types of questions often, we’re going to […]

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