Best corporate housing options for business travelers


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Business travelers come in all shapes and sizes and have all different requirements. Corporate housing also comes in all shapes and sizes too, so how do you choose what’s right for you?

This article will discuss the main types of corporate traveler that would need corporate housing.

We will also discuss the types of corporate housing on offer and what your priorities should be when selecting one.

By the end, you should have a good idea of what’s available, what’s possible and what would suit you.

Type of business travelers who use corporate housing

We work with all kinds of business traveler but they tend to fit into just a few categories:

Traveling on business

Business travelers who spend a lot of time on the road. Any type of traveler who stays in one place for a month or more is one we do business with.

That can include trainers, instructors, project managers, facilities managers, contract engineers, executives, researchers, lawyers and many other types of staff.

Medical professionals

We also do a lot of business with medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, technicians and staff working at other hospitals, covering absences, training, completing their residency or something else entirely.

Company relocation

Staff may need to stay somewhere longer term during a company relocation. We see staff staying away from home planning the relocation and then staff staying in corporate housing during the relocation itself.

Furnished housing is perfect for staff exploring a new city. It’s a chance to see what areas to like and which areas not so much.


Companies with multiple locations will often need to loan staff to other cities in order to complete projects or other business task.

Corporate housing is ideal in these situations as it’s flexible enough to handle fast-paced business needs.

We also see supplier secondments a lot. Where a supplier sends staff to a customer premises to help install, integrate and/or train staff. This is common in tech and defense.

While these are the main types of corporate traveler, we all know not everyone fits into a traditional mold.

Any staff member, for any reason, can use corporate housing for stays of 30 days or more.

What types of corporate housing can you choose?

You’ll find all kinds of properties turned into corporate housing but they usually fall into two camps. Short-term corporate housing, used for stays of 1-3 months and long-term corporate housing, for 3 months or more.

Property types will include apartments, penthouses, townhomes, single family homes and estate homes.

Much will depend on their location.

In cities, it’s predominantly apartments and penthouses. They are plentiful, located close to business districts, airports and transport links.

Some cities will have townhomes too.

Single family homes and estate homes will usually be in the suburbs. There are more rural locations but these can be harder to find.

What are the benefits of corporate housing for business travelers?

There are a few key benefits that make corporate housing a firm favorite among business travelers.

They include:


The requirement for somewhere private to sit back and relax in cannot be overstated. Hotels are great, but your own space is limited and you’re sharing amenities with perhaps hundreds of other people.

A corporate apartment is purely for you. You’ll get all rooms, perhaps a patio and balcony and a private living space.

You will have to share amenities like a pool or fitness center with others, but probably with fewer people than a hotel.

Comforts of home

Another key benefit of corporate housing is that it offers all the comforts you’re used to.

You’ll get a fully furnished property that’s also fully equipped with everything you’ll need. It will have TV, cable or satellite, internet or WiFi, all appliances and maybe laundry amenities too.

Everything staff needs to survive and thrive while working away from home.

Fixed, sensible pricing

Another important point we need to stress is cost. You would imagine a Downtown apartment that’s fully furnished and equipped would cost much more than a hotel room, right?

Well, it doesn’t. Not for stays of 30 days or more anyway. Compare rates at any comparable hotel in the city you’re staying in and then get a quote for a corporate apartment.

We’ll bet the corporate option is cheaper!

Published By Barry M. Goodknight on April 6, 2022