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Short Term Housing in Garland, TX

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Garland city overview

Garland, Texas is located within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex in Dallas County. It is a small city but is widely regarded as part of the larger Dallas–Fort Worth area with easy access to everything within the cities. With a population of around 230,000 people, it is the 12th largest city in Texas.

Brief history of Garland

Garland sprung from a rivalry between two settlements in 1874. On one side was Embree and on the other was Duck Creek. Both were focused around the Santa Fe Railroad depot and both wanted to overtake the other. When the Post Office wanted to establish itself in one of them, the local authorities had to ask a Congressman to choose between them.

The Post Office site was chosen between the two settlements and they were combined into one in 1887 and called Garland after U.S. Attorney General Augustus Hill Garland.

Garland Power and Light was established by a local business collective in 1920 to provide power to the city and still manages it today. This provided the impetus for other industries to move to town and it grew slowly but steadily during the 20th century.

The city weathered tornadoes, drought, two world wars and recession and came out the other side largely unscathed. The modern city has a diverse economy and identity which reflect the wider Dallas character of hard work and laid back attitude.

Doing business in Garland

Garland’s economy has been dominated by manufacturing and agriculture and little has changed in that regard. General motors has had a huge influence over the shape and prosperity of the city and that remains true to this day. It is still a major employer in the city along with many smaller businesses.

Garland is also known for hat making. Resisto hats set up in town in 1927 and gained a reputation for high quality hats. The company, now called Hatco still makes hats in town to this day.

Notable employers in Garland include; Baylor Medical Center, Kraft Foods, US Food Service, Atlas Copco, SilverLine Window, Hatco and L3-Communication.

Highlights of Garland

Garland is a small city and with downtown Dallas only a short drive away, does not have the number of attractions and leisure opportunities of other towns. The Blue Line runs from Garland to Dallas regularly if you don’t want to drive.

There are a number of local bars, restaurants, cafes and entertainment options but no big hitters like you would find in a larger city. Options on offer in Garland do include; The Granville Arts Center, Plaza Theatre, Pace House, The Garland Landmark Museum and the Travis College Hill Historic District.

Garland city character

Garland is a quiet city that works hard and goes about its business with very little fuss or fanfare. It has the same laid back attitude of Dallas, with a welcoming population who seem hospitable and happy to help. Garland is a relatively safe city with very few places you need to be wary of.

Garland neighborhoods

Some of the neighborhoods that make up Garland include; Buckingham North, Duck Creek, Centerville, Eastern Hills, Embree, Firewheel, Oaks, Rose Hill, Spring Park, Travis College Hill Addition and Valley Creek.

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