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Short Term Housing in Omaha, NE

Turn-key, fully-furnished rentals starting at $75/day

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Some of our Omaha area properties:

Old MarketFarnam StreetStarting at $85
RalstonLakeview CourtStarting at $80
Old MarketJones StreetStarting at $85
ChalcoF StreetStarting at $75
Royalwood Estates127th CourtStarting at $90
AksarbenShirley StreetStarting at $85

Omaha city overview

Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska in the Midwest. Located on the Missouri River, the city has a long and illustrious history. With around 450,000 inhabitants in the city and almost a million in the wider metro area, the city is the 44th largest city in the country.

Brief history of Omaha

The Midwest has been home to Native American peoples since time immemorial. Various tribes called the area home, with the last being the Oto and Missouria. Settlers came with the Lois and Clark expedition in 1804 when Europeans met with tribal leaders at Council Bluff north of the city and several fur trading outposts were established along the river.

William D. Brown is credited with establishing Omaha. He ran the Lone Tree Ferry, bringing people from Council bluffs to the area that is now the city. Claims were offered in 1854 and the city was formally founded the same year.

The early city was a stopping off point for explorers and settlers heading west. The arrival of the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1863 brought workers and work to the city along with a requirement for stockyards, meatpacking and processing. Growth was rapid and resulted in racial tensions, crime and outbreaks of violence.

The arrival of Offutt Air Force Base and the Glenn L. Martin Company brought an extra dimension to the city. Strategic Air Command soon followed, as did the interstate network, insurance companies and general business expansion.

Doing business in Omaha

Omaha ranks 8th in the per-capita earnings and has a very diverse economy. It apparently also has more millionaires per capita of anywhere in the United States.

There is a significant presence in the banking, insurance, tech, telecommunications, construction and transportation sectors. The military also helps the economy, with Offutt Air Force Base being the largest employer in the region.

Other businesses all have a presence here with Warren buffet being one of the most notable locals. Other significant employers include; CHI Health, Methodist Health System, Nebraska Medical Center, University of Nebraska Medical Center, First Data, Union Pacific and First National of Nebraska.

Highlights of Omaha

Omaha is a very diverse city with a wealthy population. Culture, history and leisure are all significant here, as are sports. There are a number of historic districts around the city that celebrate its history as well as lots of cultural institutions and organizations.

Some highlights of the city include; The Omaha Symphony Orchestra, the Holland Performing Arts Center, Omaha Blues, Jazz, & Gospel Festival, Henry Doorly Zoo, Old Market, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Strategic Air and Space Museum, Malcom X Birthsite and many more.

Omaha city character

Despite obvious racial divisions and disparity in income, Omaha is a very friendly place to live and work. There is a real emphasis on a strong work ethic, family values and being a good person but also an acceptance that people who work hard deserve to unwind in any way they like.

With four distinct seasons, spring and summer are busy while autumn and winter tends to quieten down. Overall, Omaha is a nice place to be.

Omaha neighborhoods

Omaha has more distinct areas than most, with Downtown, Midtown, North Omaha, South Omaha, West Omaha and East Omaha being very obvious. Each has a range of neighborhoods within it that reflect the character of the people who live there.

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