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Short Term Housing in Jacksonville, FL

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Jacksonville city overview

Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city by area in the United States and also the largest metro area by population in Florida. With a population of almost a million, the city has made great use of its position to benefit its inhabitants and the millions of people who visit the region every year.

Brief history of Jacksonville

Jacksonville has been inhabited for millennia. The oldest signs of human habitation in the country were found here that date back to 2,500BC. Since then, the Timucua people have lived here along with other native populations.

St. Johns River was discovered by the French in 1562 and settled in 1564 with the construction of Fort Caroline. The Spanish conquered the fort in 1565 and renamed it San Mateo and remained in charge until ceding Florida to the British in 1763. The British built roads and encouraged the cultivation of sugar, fruit, lumber and indigo before giving Florida back to Spain in 1783. Once ceded to the United States in 1821, the area was settled anew and renamed Jacksonville after Andrew Jackson.

The arrival of the railroad and success of the lumber industry ensured the continued survival of Jacksonville. It quickly became a tourist destination for those wanting to avoid the colder north and tourism took hold. Something the city, and Florida as a whole has maintained to this day.

A fire in 1901 saw a good portion of the city wiped out in less than eight hours. The city was rebuilt using new techniques and planning rules and grew steadily. It became a hub for the movie industry as well as manufacturing and shipping.

Doing business in Jacksonville

The position of Jacksonville, on the St. John’s River and edge of the Atlantic Ocean was why it was settled in the first place and why it grew the way it did. It is a major deep water port for imported goods and a distribution hub for Florida. The Atlantic Ocean position also means a significant navy presence, with Jacksonville being the third largest navy base in the country.

Diversification has meant Jacksonville has a significant presence in technology, financial services, biomedical, information and data, insurance and a range of other markets. Many major financial institutions have a significant presence here, as do insurers, banks, media and technology companies.

It is still a center for distribution and shipping as well as part of the larger tourism market that all of Florida enjoys. The port, airport and road and rail network means a lot of goods pass through Jacksonville on their way across the country.

Jacksonville city character

Thanks to its climate, Jacksonville enjoys year-round popularity with tourists from around the world. It is still a favorite place to escape cold winters but has a much wider appeal. A diverse cultural offering also plays a part in its character as the city has lots of galleries, museums, concert venues and cultural centers.

Jacksonville districts

Some of the districts that make up Jacksonville include; Downtown, LaVilla, Brooklyn, Riverside and Avondale, Springfield, Eastside and San Marco.

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