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Short Term Housing in Grand Forks, ND

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Grand Forks city overview

Grand Forks, North Dakota sits alongside the Red River of the North and is the third largest city in the state after Fargo and Bismarck. Famous for the devastating floods experienced back in 1997, the town resides within a dried lake bed which is why the area is so flat and fertile.

Brief history of Grand Forks

The area that is now Grand Forks has always been populated to one degree or another. The area was a meeting place and the river a logical trading point for native tribes. The arrival of Europeans was initially purely for trade, with French fur traders doing a lot of business with the locals.

After being constantly used as a trading post, a US Post Office was placed in 1870 and the name Grand Forks was officially adopted. After his steamboat was trapped in the same year, Alexander Griggs began a community around the Post Office in 1875.

The Dakotas drew a lot of settlers thanks to the mountains, wide rivers and fertile land. The Great Northern Railway arrived in 1880 and the Northern Pacific Railway arrived in 1887 which connected the town to the rest of the country. The arrival of the University of North Dakota in 1883 secured the town’s place in the state.

Agriculture has always been a big part of industry in Grand Forks and the building of the North Dakota Mill and Elevator was seen as a watershed moment for the town in the 1920s. Grand Forks Air Force Base arrived in 1954 and along with the university, added a different flavor to the town.

The 1997 Red River Flood saw a lot of the city damaged or destroyed by flood water. The rebuilding and introduction of levees saw the configuration of the town change drastically. It has also brought development and investment to help keep the city healthy.

Doing business in Grand Forks

Grand Forks was originally driven by agriculture. While it still has a strong influence over the city, the town is now much more diverse. The university and air base employs a lot of people alongside healthcare, energy, retail and all manner of other business types. The city has a broad businesses base that helps it survive and thrive regardless of what happens in the wider world.

Major employers in the city include; Altru Health System, Grand Forks Air Force Base, University of North Dakota, LM Wind Power, Amazon.com and Alerus Financial.

Grand Forks city character

Grand Forks has always been a town tied closely with the land and working the land. The university and Air Force base have wrought positive changes to the character of the city and further diversification has made it a comfortable and relatively safe place to live.

People in Grand Forks work hard and live honestly. They embrace new culture and art and have welcomed the influences brought by immigrants and students to the city.

Grand Forks neighborhoods

Grand Forks is made up of a few neighborhoods that include downtown, Southside Historic District, Reeves Drive, Near Southside, 32nd Avenue South and University Village.

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