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Short Term Housing in Colorado Springs, CO

Turn-key, fully-furnished rentals starting at $90/day

Vacancy / Pricing Request for Colorado Springs

Some of our Colorado Springs properties:

Alpine CurrantStarting at $82
WycliffeStarting at $83
Nora PointStarting at $82
Pebble RidgeStarting at $77
Watch HillStarting at $81
Chapel HillsStarting at $80
WestmeadowStarting at $80
Vista RidgeStarting at $83

Colorado Springs is a thriving city in Colorado and has a population of around 465,000 people. Due to the number of military installations around the city, many of that number are serving military personnel or veterans. Not only is there a military presence here, there are also a number of defense and cybersecurity businesses too. That makes Colorado Springs a popular place to live whether you serve or support those who do.

Colorado Springs is home to the US Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, Schriever Air Force Base and NORAD. Petersen is home to Air Force Space Command while Schriever specializes in GPS and missile defense. NORAD manages our national defenses while the Air Force Academy trains the next generation of service personnel.

Fort Carson is army and is home to infantry, armor and attack helicopter training companies as well as various other troops.

Military Housing

If you elect to live off base, our military housing make perfect sense. We work within the unique requirements of serving military personnel and provide quality, affordable housing across the country for the military.

If you are serving, you generally have two options to use your Basic Allowance for Housing. You can live in military housing on base or rent your own off base. While the quality of base housing has increased exponentially over the past decade, there is nothing like having your own home.

You can choose what property you want to live in and where. With many companies offering military housing in Colorado Springs, choice is one thing you will never be short of!

The main residential districts in Colorado Springs include:
  • Black Forest
  • Briargate
  • Downtown
  • Falcon
  • Fountain
  • Manitou Springs
  • Northeast-East-Southeast
  • Northgate
  • Old Colorado City
  • Peyton
  • Powers Marksheffel
  • Southwest
  • Tri-Lakes
  • Ute Pass
  • West-Northwest
  • Woodland Park

We offer fully furnished military housing in many of these areas. All properties are maintained to the highest standards and are provided fully equipped. All you need do is move in and unpack. One predictable monthly fee covers all your bills and expenses, making our military housing a straightforward, affordable option if you prefer to live off base.

Colorado Springs and the defense industry

According to city sources, Colorado Springs is home to over 200 defense and aerospace companies and five military installations and has the second-largest aerospace economy in the U.S. There are also over 55,000 veterans that moved here or stayed on after leaving service.

Some of the high tech and defense companies based in Colorado Springs include Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin Boeing, Rim Technologies, Aspen Logix,  Spectrabotics, Polaris Alpha and Boecore are just a few.

As the military around Colorado Springs are concentrated on space and missile defense, there is a bright future ahead as these two specialties are the future for our military. That means high demand for skilled workers, a lot of income for the local economy and increased support for all those smaller organizations who contribute to our national defense.

No wonder the city was voted ‘Second Most Desirable Place to Live’ by U.S. News & World Report in 2017!

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