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Short Term Housing in Augusta, GA

Turn-key, fully-furnished rentals starting at $80/day

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Some of our Augusta, Ga Furnished Housing:

Andrews DriveStarting at $85
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Interstate ParkwayStarting at $88
Sterling RidgeStarting at $75
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Jackson RoadStarting at $80
Perimeter ParkwayStarting at $90
1040 AlexanderStarting at $90
Walton WayStarting at $83

Augusta city overview

Augusta, Georgia is located in the east of the state on the Savannah River. While it is known as being in Georgia, it has a foot in South Carolina too as it crosses the river. With a population of a little over 200,000 people, it is a smaller city that has a huge international presence.

Brief history of Augusta

Augusta has been populated since time immemorial. As it is located at a natural river crossing, the area has always been home to various indigenous people who crossed, fished and lived in the region.

The area wasn’t settled until 1735 when James Oglethorpe sent troops north from Savannah to settle the head of the river. They built a fort and a settlement and named it after Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha who was the wife of the Prince of Wales and mother of King George III.

Augusta grew into a market town that served the cotton industry in the area. Agriculture remained a primary source of income throughout the town’s history with slaves initially providing labor before switching to paid work after the end of the slave trade. Since then, Augusta has remained a lively town with an agricultural bias. Other industries have moved to the town and provide a variety of jobs for the inhabitants.

Doing business in Augusta

As mentioned, Augusta diversified from purely cotton into other industries. The modern city is a hub for medicine, biotechnology, cyber security, technology and energy. Manufacturing also has a presence here with some leading names calling the city home.

Augusta University is a leading public health university while University Hospital is highly regarded as one of the best of its kind. Medicine is a big employer here with           Augusta University, University Hospital, Augusta University Health System, Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, East Central Regional Hospital and Doctors Hospital employing many thousands of people.

Other notable employers include the Department of Energy, U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, Textron Specialized Vehicles, Covidien, International Paper, Kellogg’s, FPL Food and Procter & Gamble.

Highlights of Augusta

No description of the city would be complete without mentioning the Augusta National Golf Club. Home to one of The Masters, one of the most important golf tournaments in the world. The Masters is one of the four major championships as draws millions of visitors a year to watch or play the sport.

Augusta also hosts the IHBA Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series which is the world’s richest drag boat race.

Augusta city character

Augusta has a very relaxed vibe that permeates every aspect of its culture. Being in the South, there is an emphasis on working hard and living well as well as being friendly and hospitable. The sheer number of military personnel means there is a real ebb and flow to the population.

Augusta Districts

Augusta is made up of lots of historic districts including; Summerville Historic District, Greene Street Historic District, Broad Street Historic District, Sands Hill Historic District, Pinched Gut Historic District, Laney-Walker North Historic District, Bethlehem Historic District, Harrisburg-West End Historic District

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