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Top Neighborhoods to Live in San Diego

Top Neighborhoods to Live in San Diego

Like any large city, San Diego has plenty of nice to live neighborhoods and some not so nice. If you’re planning to move to the city either as a renter or as a buyer, it’s important to know where to live. This list of the nicest places to live in the city.

This isn’t a scientific list, or one compiled from mathematical data. Just opinions from someone who has live in San Diego all their life.

Kensington is an upscale neighborhood on the edge of Mission Valley. It’s full of Spanish-style villas and larger family homes. It’s an expensive area to live, but worth the investment if you can afford it. There is a small commercial district and a few leisure outlets nearby if you don’t want to venture too far.

Hillcrest is San Diego’s version of Greenwich Village. It’s cool, trendy and a lively place to live. Ideal for younger visitors or residents who like the arty, music scene. It’s colorful, gay-friendly and sits a little north of Balboa Park. It includes a range of apartments and villas.

Mission Hills is on the end of Hillcrest and is a very mature and prestigious address. You need serious cash to live here, but in return you get luxurious homes, nice landscaped areas, pleasant neighbors and a great zip code.

University Heights is a middle income neighborhood on the edge of Hillcrest and just before North Park. It’s an average neighborhood with some nice homes and pleasant public areas. There is also a small retail district. This area is more affordable than the previous neighborhoods.

North Park is one of the city’s largest neighborhoods, a sprawling mass of suburbia with a wide variety of property types. There are apartments aplenty, as well as single family homes. It’s a nice enough area for normal working people, although not as affordable as in many cities, it is very popular in San Diego.

Little Italy is another cool neighborhood that has recently become even cooler. The building of some nice new high rise condo buildings has elevated the entire district. The presence of its own business district helps keep the area interesting.

City Heights is a real mix of the old and new. The area is made up largely of ethnic groups and newcomers to the city. It has a large Hispanic and Asian contingent, with a heady mix of African and Caribbean thrown in. It’s a lively, colorful area to live.

These are just a few of the notable neighborhoods in San Diego. Each is slightly different, with a varied demographic mix of people and cultures. They are a great way to see how San Diego works and great places to live too.

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