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How to stay active when traveling on business

How to stay active when traveling on business

Working away from home can take its toll in a number of ways. We lessen the stress with top quality corporate housing but there are things we cannot help with. One thing that can have an impact on your quality of life while working away is exercise. Working, commuting and traveling can all interrupt your usual exercise regimen and get in the way of exercising as you would like.

We asked our resident exercise and nutrition expert to offer some practical tips for staying active while traveling on business. Simple ideas that anyone can try when working away from home. Here is what she said.

Keep moving wherever possible

Traveling to your destination can involve a lot of sitting. However you travel, it will be largely unavoidable while in transit so maximize your moving time when you can. Walk around the airport instead of sitting and reading. Stop regularly if driving and spend a couple of minutes walking around to stretch the muscles and keep awake. It’s a small thing, but can help keep you alert and reduce the tiredness associated with traveling.

Walk instead of driving

If practical, walk to work instead of driving or taking a cab. If you’re somewhere nice, rent a bike instead. You’re not always going to be able to do this but we have hundreds of furnished apartments in downtown locations across the country that you could walk or cycle to work. Walking not only allows you to explore your neighborhood, it wakes you up, gives you time to think and gets those muscles moving.

Explore the area

If you’re anything like me, when you land somewhere, you travel from the apartment to work and back again and not much further. If you’re putting in long days, you’re just going to want to find a restaurants and then go home. If you can, resist the urge and explore a little. Walk around, find new restaurants or eateries and get to see a little of the city you’re in. After all, there’s no point working in a different city if you don’t get to see any of it!

Maintain your routine

One of the toughest things to manage is the change to your routine. Getting up at different times, traveling earlier or later, eating at different times and so on. Wherever possible, try to keep your routine as much as you can. Try to sleep and get up, eat and exercise as close to your normal time as practical. This will help your body maintain its rhythm and will help you stay alert, maintain energy levels and help you get good quality sleep.

See if colleagues can help

If you’re working with others, someone is likely to exercise, go to the gym, go biking, running or whatever. Find someone who exercises and see if you can join them. We all know that having someone to train with adds to the pleasure, helps us push ourselves and make it much more likely that we will exercise. It’s also a great way to get to know someone!

It can be difficult to build exercise into your day when everything has changed but it is definitely worth it if you can. Not all of these tips are going to be viable in all situations but hopefully one or two of them will help! If you need furnished short-term housing for your business travels, click here.

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