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Portable gardens to spruce up your temporary home

Portable gardens to spruce up your temporary home

We may offer some of the best quality short term housing around, but we also know that temporary housing isn’t exactly “home”. Anything you can do to make it personal is a good thing. It helps you relax, feel comfortable and anchored while on the move. Which is exactly where portable gardens come in.

If you’re a traveling professional who is often on the road staying in temporary housing, having something personal with you can make all the difference to how you feel while you’re there. Living out of a suitcase is all well and good, but having a little greenery around can not only remind you of home but also offer some powerful psychological benefits.

Indoor herbs, terrariums, box gardens and houseplants are all portable and can travel with you. They can help with that elusive feeling of home while working away.

Here are a few ideas for some practical indoor gardens.

Herb gardens

We have long used herb gardens as a way of adding a little greenery and fresh herbs for cooking. This coincides nicely with being portable and practical while on the road. A small herb garden can be built from a wooden wine crate or wooden box for just a few dollars. It can then be filled with herbs of your choice. Thyme, rosemary and sage all grow well indoors and don’t mind a bit of traveling so make great herb gardens.

Select herbs that travel well and don’t mind shade as you never know the orientation of your temporary housing. Chervil, chard, thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano and parsley are good examples of herbs that don’t need direct sunlight.


Terrariums are the ultimate in portable gardens. They are self-contained gardens that travel well unless you’re flying. They don’t need much care and can survive without direct sunlight or water for long periods of time. Terrariums are making something of a comeback too so there are lots of types to choose from right now.

From simple glass bowls with an exotic moss or air plants that need no looking after whatsoever, there is a plant and terrarium for every taste.

Box gardens

Walk around any European city and look up and you will see window boxes on practically every sill and balcony. They are a great way of taking a bit of home with you wherever you go. Whether moving from apartment to apartment or staying in temporary housing, a small garden in a box is a way to take a little piece of home away with you.

Like the herb garden, get a decent wooden box, fill it with what you need and some plants that remind you of good times. This guide is probably the ultimate for creating box gardens.


If it was good enough for Leon The Professional, it is good enough for us. A well-chosen houseplant can be all you need to bring a bit of greenery or a link to home into a rental apartment. There are literally hundreds of types of houseplant, some large, some small, some simple, some complex.

Some houseplants will travel better than others and as long as it can fit in your trunk or back seat they are a simple but effective way to keep a little greenery in your life.

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