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How to Harmoniously Live in Shared Corporate Housing

How to Harmoniously Live in Shared Corporate Housing

While much of temporary housing is for solo travelers, bookings for shared corporate housing are also a common request. Whether it’s for relocation, extended training, or something else, there are opportunities to save when booking in bulk. But how can several colleagues or even strangers live together in harmony for a month or more at a time?

Here are a few coping and organizational strategies you can use to live comfortably with your new roommates.

Designate your own space.

Having somewhere private to escape to is essential in any social environment. You may be the most extroverted person in the world, but if you don’t have somewhere just for you, you will quickly feel trapped. Each person should have their own room and ideally their own bathroom. Common areas are then places to hang out voluntarily.

Set up a schedule.

Planning a bathroom or cooking schedule may seem a little over the top, but for shared corporate housing, a little organization can go a long way. In an ideal world, all temporary housing would have individual bathrooms for tenants, but that isn’t always possible. Slating shower times so everyone gets an equal turn can prevent unnecessary clashes later. The same goes for any cooking and cleaning duties you need to divvy up.

Manage pooled money.

Depending on how your organization manages expenses, you should understand how you will pay for split bills and costs in advance to avoid future misunderstandings. Everyone should know the set budget and other restrictions, including what expenses are and aren’t included. This means you should determine a plan for covering out-of-pocket expenses. Nothing riles people up more than talking about money!

Play together.

Your time in corporate housing shouldn’t be all about work. Sure, you need to do what you’re there for, but you also need to relax and unwind. Going out together to catch a movie, get drinks, have dinner, or another social activity will help the group bond and relax the dynamic. Understand that not everyone will want to go out every night and may just want some alone time occasionally.

Brush up on conflict resolution.

Even if you’re staying in shared corporate housing with your work buddies, there will be conflict or misunderstandings at some point. You’re all away from home and will be spending more time than usual together. This can lead to tension, so bear that in mind and manage yourself and your colleagues as much as possible.

If something flares up, back away. If you fall out, retreat to your corners and cool down. Once emotions have calmed, it will be much easier to return to normal and continue living with your colleagues.

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