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Short Term Housing in Kansas City

Turn-key, fully-furnished rentals starting at $75/day

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Some of our Kansas City properties:

Kansas City/Main StreetStarting at $65
Kansas City/Maurer RoadStarting at $75
Overland Park/138thStarting at $70
Kansas City/Indian CreekStarting at $90
Lenexa/86th TerraceStarting at $85
Kansas City/Penrose LaneStarting at $80
Overland Park/137thStarting at $75
Kansas City/80th StreetStarting at $70

Kansas City overview

Kansas City, Missouri actually straddles the state lines between Missouri and Kansas. It is the second largest city in Missouri after St. Louis with a metro population of around 2.2 million people. Also known as KC, Kansas City is a lively city with a positive outlook.

Brief history of Kansas City

Kansas City was founded as a port city where the Missouri River meets the Kansas River. It was a logical spot for a settlement, which began as a spot for fur trading and not much else for the first years of its life. Owned first by the French, then Spanish, it wasn’t until 1821 and the arrival of François Chouteau and Chouteau’s Landing.

After the Louisiana Purchase, the area that is now Kansas city was settled further by Mormons from New York in 1831. They built a small town with a school until they were forced out by criminal gangs and the town sat empty for a couple of years before John McCoy established Westport Landing on the river. The Kansas Town Company was then established to set up in the area.

Once established, the town played a pivotal role in the expansion across America. The proximity of three major trails used to go west, the Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trail all passed close by and the confluence of the two rivers made it a logical stop for ships. The city was officially recognized in 1853.

Doing business in Kansas City

Kansas City is a federal administrative hub. The government is the city’s largest employer, with 146 federal agencies having an office here. The IRS has a significant presence here, as does the General Services Administration and the Social Security Administration.

Manufacturing is also present, with Ford, General Motors, Smith electric Vehicles and American Airlines all having plants here. There is also a strong biomedical presence with drug manufacturing, research and education. Agriculture, media and general commerce all have links to the city.

Lots of companies are headquartered in Kansas City. They include; American Century Investments, Kansas City Southern Railway, Applebee’s, Barkley Inc., Boulevard Brewing Company, Great Plains Energy, Hallmark Cards and numerous others.

Kansas City character

Kansas City is known as the city of fountains. The early planners proscribed wide boulevards that included fountains wherever possible. The Kauffman Stadium fountain is the largest in the world and is only one of many to grace the city.

Kansas City has strong Irish roots so there are a lot of references to Ireland, shamrocks, soccer and anything green. This brings an element of fun and blarney to the city that gives it a humorous edge and also means live music and socializing is a strong feature of local culture. Mixed with typical Southern culture, Kansas City is a largely relaxed place to live and work.

Kansas City neighborhoods

Some of the districts that make up Kansas City include; Downtown, Midtown, The Northland, South KC, East Side of the Metro, KCK and Johnson County.

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