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Is short-term housing for you?

Is short-term housing for you?

Are you looking to transition out of traditional apartment rentals? Are you a traveling professional on a short-term assignment? Or maybe you’re an intern looking for seasonal housing?

Short term housing might be for you.

Temporary, furnished housing is a viable alternative to traditional apartment rentals, as well as home buying and extended-stay hotel stays.

Not only do short-term rentals save you money, they are the perfect lodging solution for many opportunities in our professional and personal lives.

However, finding reliable, affordable short-term housing can be difficult—especially when you’re looking to move to an unfamiliar city. To help, we’ve compiled our best tips on discovering the best short-term housing to fit your needs.

Who you gonna call?

For starters, residential real estate companies. That’s right. You could handle things the old-school way and pick up the phone to inquire about short-term rentals. If you’re located in a major city, it should be fairly easy to find several rental companies to call.

If you do enough shopping around, you should be able to find a unit that fits your budget and specific needs.

Tap into college networks.

For affordable short term housing options, look no further than the neighborhoods surrounding college campuses. Some dorms on campuses even have special short-term rental programs designed for internships.

While this may be a no-brainer for interns and actual college students, professionals of all ages should consider this option. Even if you shudder at the fact of living in close proximity to undergrads, we can almost guarantee you’ll find a suitable option.

If possible, go rural and bring a car.

While living downtown can be a major draw for many professionals, more often than not, a majority of a city’s affordable housing options are situated in surrounding suburbs and subdivisions.

Sure, it may be convenient to be able to walk to work, or live on a major public transit line, but having a car—or other means of transportation—can save renters the hassle of paying downtown prices.

Go furnished.

Sure, this suggestion seems simple. But moving without bulky, cumbersome furniture is a major time- and sanity-saver. Bringing along a favorite piece of furniture may impart a feeling of comfort into your short-term rental. But it’s just as easy to rent storage space and save it for a more permanent stay

And while many travelers may have misconceptions about furnished units, it’s entirely possible to find affordable—even customizable—furnished units

Work with the experts.

Still overwhelmed by the notion of trying to find short-term housing? Save yourself the hassle and leave it the experts. The best short-term housing companies work with individuals, businesses and groups of traveling professionals across the country to secure, manage, and maintain your short-term lodging needs.

From checking availability and sending options based on preferences, to auditing and signing all leases, ShortTermHousing.com works with travelers to facilitate the entire housing process. With automated, on-demand software and dedicated, 24/7 customer support, finding housing has never been easier.

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