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Five surprisingly picturesque places to see while working in Texas

Five surprisingly picturesque places to see while working in Texas

The state of Texas is known for many things, steers, the heat, the Stetson, blue jeans, wide open spaces and supersize everything. What it isn’t quite so well known for is being beautiful. We hope to change that today with this list of surprisingly picturesque places to see while working in Texas. Our furnished apartments may be beautiful inside but the state itself has a few surprises in store too.

If you’re working in Texas and want a change from desert brown, here are five frankly stunning places to see.

Caverns of Sonora

The Caverns of Sonora between San Antonio and Big Bend National Park are something special. At over a million years old, these caves have some of the most stunning crystal formations of anywhere in the world. Full of helictites and amazing formations, this cave is not for the faint of heart but is well worth a visit if you don’t mind being underground.

We would suggest a guided tour where the knowledgeable guide takes you through the caves and talk you through how they are formed.

Krause Springs

Krause Springs is Spicewood, Texas is something else. A green and pleasant land that is a fantastic respite from the brown. This privately owned 115 acre property is home to 32 different springs, waterfalls, woods and grottoes. You can cliff jump, picnic, rope swing or just lie around enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

The attraction also allows camping so you could overnight and enjoy a night surrounded by beauty. Admission is very reasonable too.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park includes mountains, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, canyons and desert oases. It isn’t as stunning as Krause Springs but it is worth a visit. See the dinosaur fossils found in the park, explore, camp and do whatever you like. The park has hiking and biking trails, horse riding, camping, river trips and scenic drives through the miles and miles of park.

Big Bend National Park gets busy during holiday season but there is enough space for everyone. If you prefer the quiet, choose your visit carefully.

Lost Maples State Natural Area

Lost Maples State Natural Area looks like a piece of New England in Texas. Located in Vanderpool, Texas, the area is home to thousands of trees, rivers, trails, fishing, birds and wildlife. You can camp, walk, bike, fish, watch the birds and generally enjoy the lovely green surroundings. Step inside and you forget you’re in Texas!

The area is open daily and does get busy during the holiday. At the busiest times, the park operates a one in, one out policy so time your visit carefully!

Willow City Loop

Willow City Loop in Fredericksburg is a little gem. Best seen during springtime, this 13 mile road and trail takes in flowering meadows, woods, lakes, and lovely views of the countryside. This is another place where you can forget you’re in Texas with green fields, flowers and trees. The land is privately owned but access is free and open to all.

Ideal for picnics and selfies, the Willow City Loop is ideal if you’re close by and just want to forget about the world for a while.

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