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The benefits of mixing business with pleasure on your next trip

The benefits of mixing business with pleasure on your next trip

A trend we are increasingly seeing with our corporate housing clients is mixing business trips with pleasure. It makes perfect sense. If you’re having to fly somewhere for a few weeks for work and are staying in a top notch furnished apartment, it’s a no-brainer to extend your stay for a few days or a week for your own pleasure. One flight, one apartment, one expense.

Apparently, 72% of business travelers try to include at least a little leisure with their business travel. We happen to think it’s a great idea. Here are some practical reasons why.

Cheaper travel

Depending on your employer, you are likely to only need to pay for non-work travelers. You will get your flight paid for and the apartment for the period of work. You only need to buy tickets for your family and pay for any extra time you keep the apartment before or after work has finished. That could add up to a considerable saving for a family of four.

Less wasted time traveling

If you get to fly to your destination on company time and on the company dime, you may as well. Traveling takes up valuable vacation time so any time you can save by not doing it on your own time is a real benefit.

Apartment not a hotel

Hotels are fine and all but nothing beats a fully furnished and equipped apartment for a vacation. You get all the comforts of home with none of the drawbacks of a hotel room. Not listening to the elevator or the TV (or worse) from the room next door, no having to eat when the hotel allows it and no lukewarm buffet breakfasts. Instead, you get a fully equipped apartments with everything you need to live how you want to live.


Having worked away from home a lot before joining the team I can attest to the occasional boredom of being away. If you have a significant other or family, that feeling is compounded by missing them. Having them with you, even if you’re working during the day can make all the difference. Even if they fly out later instead of being there the whole time, having something to look forward to can make a real difference to how you feel while you’re away.

Maximize those vacation days

As well as wasting less time traveling, you can also squeeze a little more out of your vacation days. By already being at your destination, your family being there too, those ten days you have saved up mean the majority of them can be spent enjoying yourself rather than sitting at the airport. Time it right and return on a weekend and you eke even more out of the time you spend on vacation.

Vacation places you wouldn’t normally visit

Sure, not all places you travel to on business are going to be worth vacationing in, but choose carefully and you could end up exploring [places you would never normally visit. As vacation days are limited, we are naturally selective about where we go. If you’re working somewhere different, it is the perfect opportunity to vacation there too.

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